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Share Reviews Get $1,000 Cash Reward!

To get more hommie know about CestoMen products and quality, we encourage you do a real review after receiving or installation. There are two methods as below:

Method 1: Comment on post of our Facebook Page

Step 1. When you receive our products, or after using it, you can take pretty photos or short video( within 60secs, and looks clear ) about showing your feeling;

Step 2. Comment a review on our Facebook Page's post with your beautiful photos/video ( our FB Page: @Cestomenofficial, any CestoMen's post is okay, Neither Facebook Group nor your own Facebook Page);

Step 3. As long as your commented and share your story, inbox or DM us, you get cash 20$ as reward.

Once your reviews get 100 likes, you can choose get another cash 10$ as reward.

NOTE: 1 review can only get 1 reward.


Method 2: Do an unboxing video on Instagram

Step 1. You can do an unboxing video on your Instagram, tag @cestomen and use hashtag #cestomenunboxing ( at least 20secs, looks clear ) .

Step 2. As long as your share your story, inbox or DM us, you can get 20$ cash reward.

Once your reviews get 300 likes, you can get another cash 10$ as reward.

NOTE: 1 review can only get 1 reward.

It is super easy to create your own item! Remember to follow our Instagram page and Facebook page. If you are not able to tag / dm us, you can send the video/picture to our email: 

NOTE: Fake video/pictures and fake likes will be invalid. Make your video/picture as clear as possible!



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